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A 360 record deal is a contract between a record label and an artist that aims to provide more equitable and beneficial terms for the artist than traditional record deals. The term “360” refers to the idea that the artist and the label share in all aspects of the artist’s career, including album sales, touring, merchandise, and other revenue streams.

Traditional Record Deals.

In traditional record deals, the artist typically receives an advance from the label in exchange for the rights to their music. The label then recoups the advance from album sales and other revenue streams before the artist earns royalties. This can make it difficult for the artist to make a living, mainly if their album does not sell well.

Benefits of a 360 Record Deal.

 A 360 deal allows artists to share in all aspects of their careers, including album sales, touring, merchandise, and other revenue streams. This means the artist earns a percentage of the revenue from these different areas rather than just relying on royalties from album sales. This type of deal can be beneficial for both the artist and the label. For the artist, it can provide a more stable and predictable income stream, as they can earn money from multiple sources. For the label, it allows them to invest in the artist’s career more comprehensively and to benefit from the artist’s success across multiple platforms.

Considerations Before Signing.

It is important for artists to carefully consider the terms of a 360 deal before signing. Some deals may include clauses that give the label too much control over the artist’s career or that limit the artist’s ability to earn money from other sources. It is also important for the artist to clearly understand how the revenue will be shared and what percentage of the income they will receive from different sources.

Not for All Artists.

It’s also important to mention that this deal is not for all types of artists; it’s more common for artists with a solid following and potential for multiple revenue streams and not for those who just started their careers.

Overall, a 360 record deal can be a beneficial option for artists. Still, it is vital for them to consider the terms and conditions of the deal carefully and to have a clear understanding of how the revenue will be shared. As long as the artist fully understands the deal and all its details, it can be an excellent opportunity for them to grow and expand their career.