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Why You Should Start an Online Music Business 

Breaking into the music industry is a challenge, whether you are a musician or a producer. Instead of trying to land a job in the music biz, you can start your own business.

Here are a few reasons why now is the ideal year to launch your online music business.

There Is a Growing Demand for Original Music

The music industry continues to grow uniquely, including increased demand for original music. A variety of industries require musical scores and original songs. However, many businesses cannot afford the expensive licensing fees for songs from the Billboard Top 40 chart.

From background music for commercials or independent films to music for marketing material and training videos, businesses need affordable music for various reasons. Your online music business can help address this need.

The Latest Software Makes It Easier to Produce Music

If you run your own record studio as a side hustle, ensure your artists have the latest plugins and gears in their home studio. Investing in equipment for them is better than waiting for a studio session. This is way cheaper, and the quality provided by these home recording solutions is good enough for “released ready” music. You will be able to put these investments in the artist contract and deduct all these investments.

When I signed my first album, the label provided me with a better sound card, a midi controller, a Neumann microphone, and a bunch of plugins for Logic Pro. I could produce my first album at home and save a lot of money for the label. From my side, I enhanced my home studio without paying a dime.

Anyone Can Build a Website for an Online Business

Along with music software, you can access a wide range of options for setting up an online business. WordPress, Drupal, Wix, and other platforms allow anyone to build a website without previous web design experience.

Setting up a website is essential to start a music business online. Your website acts as an online headquarters for your business and connects to your various social media profiles, marketing campaigns, and music distribution sites.

People Constantly Want to Discover Something New

If you are a musician or work with musicians, selling music online is much easier today. People no longer limit themselves to the songs on the radio. The younger generations are constantly searching for something new, allowing them to be the first to discover an innovative indie artist.

You no longer need a massive music studio to market your music. You can use online resources to bring your music directly to the fans without involving music executives or distribution companies.

You Have a Variety of Options for Selling Music

Compared to the past few years, musicians and producers have more ways to sell music in 2020. You can sell instrumental music for use on podcasts or video productions. You can also post music on YouTube or your own website to generate ad revenue from Google AdSense.

Amazon, Google Play, and Apple Music allow independent artists to sell tracks on their online platforms via music distribution services like Distrokid. Distrokid started at only 19$ a year, and you can upload as many albums as you want. They pay you 100% of your royalties and no other costs than a 2 pro version. One option which you can have 2 bands’ names and another one for labels. It is very easy to upload your tracks to online retailers (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, Rdio, Shazam, Deezer, and more).

The bottom line is that you have access to various technologies in 2020 to help you build a successful music business online. Even with no musical ability, you can start selling music and making money.

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